Located at the north of Croatia, Istria is a heart-shaped peninsula that borders with Slovenia's short coastline.

Because of its proximity to Italy, Istria shares a lot of similarity with its neighbour, which can be seen in its architecture. Since it is so close to Slovenia, Italy, Austria, etc. Istria became a popular holiday destination. But, don’t think there are just beach side hotels wherever you look, there is also a lot of history displayed in the old towns like Rovinj or Porec. One monument that is still preserved to this day is something that puts Istria on the maps, and that is a Roman Amphitheatre, located next door to marina in Pula.


What is there to say about Dubrovnik region in Croatia that has not been said before? Croatia, the land with more than 1000 islands, mild winds, and moderate temperatures is perfect for exploring these Mediterranean jewels from the luxury of your sailing boat (yacht, catamaran, motor boat or gulet).

Dive into the perfect calmness of pure and crystalline sea, enjoy being part of local life while living the life it was meant to be – stressless. Let us take you to our favorite sailing spots in Dubrovnik region.

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and largest nautical center on the Adriatic coast.
There are a few reasons why that is a case. The International airport is well connected with all main European cities. Islands in the region are full of life, history, architecture, gastronomy and what is most important, specific moderate climate provides the excellent weather conditions which allow you to explore it in an easy way. In shortest, the Split region is a great place to spend a sailing holiday in Croatia.


What is there more to say or write about these beautiful treasures in the Adriatic Sea? The fact that they are often described as “nautical paradise” is not just a promotion. You will experience their true beauty while you are sailing through more than three hundred and eighty islands, reefs and islets. Here you will be able to test your nautical deckhand or Marinero skills (if you choose to book a skippered/crewed charter) or your skipper’s skills (in case of bareboat charter).


Because of its natural beauty, rich cultural and historical heritage Croatia became, in short time span, a very well-known and desirable sailing destination.

There is a multitude of reasons why the nautical world prefers Croatian sailing destinations in comparison to the rest of the Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain...). Here are some of the benefits.