Why choose Croatia as your sailing destination?


Because of its natural beauty, rich cultural and historical heritage Croatia became, in short time span, a very well-known and desirable sailing destination.

There is a multitude of reasons why the nautical world prefers Croatian sailing destinations in comparison to the rest of the Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain...). Here are some of the benefits.



The indivisibility of the coast

Because of Coast's indivisibility, Croatia is a land of more than 1000 islands. This feature makes Croatian coast similar to the coasts of Turkey and Greece. But compared to Greece and Turkey, Croatia’s layout of the islands and winds available during summer makes it ideal for sailing.



Favro, S.(2012.) Prijedlozi i mjere za unapređenje nautičkog turizma u Hrvatskoj, Sjednica Odbora za turizam, Split, str. 4.


Rich cultural and historical heritage, gastronomy plus many unexplored destinations

As mentioned before, Croatia has all natural requirements for sailing. The rugged coastline that has more than 50 inhabited islands, gastronomic offer, the local people and their warm hospitality, rich historical and cultural heritage and last but least affordable prices, are some of the reasons why Croatia is top location for sailing. Because of its past isolation (after WWII), Croatian Coast was relatively undiscovered which helped to keep the wondrous nature and purity of the sea. All of these reasons plus the social elements (important no matter where you decide to spend your sailing vacation) and image of the country is the main reason why sailors pick Croatian Coast and not Spain, France, Italy, Greece or Turkey.


Compared to Turkey and Greece, Croatia is SAFEST destination in the Mediterranean.


The table below shows a comparison of other Mediterranean destination with Croatia.




Winds in the Adriatic: Sailing conditions

The sailing conditions are extremely important for all our clients. This is because most of them are less experienced sailors (this implies to a bareboat charter) than the boat owners.

Compared with Greece, Turkey or even Sardinia, where Meltemi (the Etesians) and Mistral winds are too strong, Croatia has more favorable sailing conditions. Calm nights and daily Mistral winds make Croatian coast perfect for sailing or any other activity that include spending your day or night close to the sea.

In the case of bad weather, many islands and coves can offer a safe harbor if it's needed. All of the above represents an overwhelming reason sailors choose Croatia and not other sailing destinations in the Mediterranean.

The layout of the Marinas, local ports, restaurants that offer more nautical facilities plus access to useful information makes route planning easier. This is very helpful in planning short or long routes.


Better offer of well-maintained vessels distributed in different sailing regions


The sailors chartering a sailing yacht (yacht, catamaran, motor boat or gulet) should know the conditions of the vessel he (or she) will be sailing on. Not only this but the Marina conditions during check in / check out procedure and transfer from the airport to the charter base can play a leverage while deciding where to go for your sailing holiday.

Croatian Charters are well-organized, they offer more than 2.500 well-maintained vessels (sailing yachts, catamarans, motor boats or gulets) well-distributed through different sailing regions. No matter if you want to charter a boat for a peaceful vacation with your family/friends or you would like to have a more active holiday with a large group of friends, you came to right place. We are here to help you make the right decision.

Compared to other Mediterranean destinations, by the overwhelming majority of votes according to the sailors themselves, Croatia is a more desirable site. Below in the table, you will find a list that explains why so many tourists flock to Croatia every year:




As you can see, there are many factors that single out Croatia compared to any country in the Mediterranean (Spain, Greece, France, Turkey or Italy) but the decision entirely depends on the preferences of the sailors.


If your mind is not made up and there are some more questions you would like to ask, feel free to contact us.