Planing a sailing trip

Typlical sailing tour lasts 7 days from Saturday till Saturday. Besides swimming, sunbathing and other activities on the sea, it is common to navigate by engine or sailing and visit different places/islands, depending on client’s wishes or preferences. Whereever you go it is necessary to find a safe place for the vessel during the night. It could be marina, local port, private restaurant pier or anchorage

In that meaning, Croatian coast and islands are well organised for accepting nautical clients.There are so many places to stay and things to do. For that reason Croatia is best charter destination in the world!

After clients board the vessel, they make a general plan together with skipper - where to go and what to do. The possibilities are numerous and we can say that every week is
tailor-made and original.
Skipper will follow client’s wishes and make them true whenever it is possible (weather conditions).


Boat Accomodation

We can say that vessel is a house on the sea. It is equipped for guest stay during the day and night.

Boat kitchen is equipped with all utensils and it is easy to prepare meals on the boat.

Guests who come to Croatia usually want to try domestic cuisine in local ambience. Regarding that, breakfast and lunch are served on the vessel, dinner in restaurants and local tavernas.

Clients/guests can prepair food by themselves or they can hire hostess or chef.



Coasts During Sailing Trip

After client pay for boat and crew, other expenses which can be expected during sailing week are: marina/local port fees, food, fuel for the boat.
In this small guide we will shortly inform how additional costs clients can expect during sailing week.

Food On The Vessel *

It is necessary upon arrival to buy food for the boat.
There are two possibilities:
1) buy food on the spot in marina market – for those guests who want to buy food by themselves
2) you can order it in advance through preference list
Clients can expect total food expense for 1 sailing week on the boat is 100,00-150,00 EUR per person.
Average grocery prices

Bread – 1,00 EURPicture14Water – 1,00 EUR/l
Fish- 20,00 EUR/ kg
Meat – 15,00 EUR/kg
Quality white wine – 7,00-15,00 EUR/bottle
Quality red wine- 10,00-30,00 EUR/bottle
Seasonal fruit - 3,00 EUR/kg
Seasonal vegetables- 3,00 EUR/kg
Alcoholic beverage (whiskey, gin, vodka) – 15,00-30,00 EUR/bottle
*It is recommended to buy groceries for next few days
*In every place/island there are possibilities to buy fresh food and refill supplies

Food In Restaurants/Local Tavernas 

After all day sailing, swimming, enjoying on the sunshine, the best way to feel Croatian atmosphere is to try local food and ambience by visiting one of numerous local tavernas and restaurants.

Restaurant prices

MENU (STARTER, MAIN COURSE, DESSERT)  Picture16Fish menu: 30,00-70,00 EUR per person
Meat menu: 30,00-50,00 EUR per person
Fresh 1st class local fish: 50,00-70,00 EUR/kg
Lobsters,scampi: 100,00 EUR/ kg
Beefstake: 15,00-25,00 EUR/cca 300 g
Sea food pasta, risotto: 10,00-20,00 EUR/portion
Soup: 5,00-10,00 EUR/portion
Salad: 10,00-15,00 EUR/portion
House wine (red, white): 10,00-15,00 EUR/ l
Quality white wine: 15,00-50,00 EUR /bottle 0,75 l
Quality red wine: 20,00-70,00 EUR /bottle 0,75 l

Marina Fees And Fuel

While cruising by sailing monohul or catamaran, fuel is not something what client should think about. Engine is rarely over 100 HP and consumption is negligible - 5 to 8 l per h. It is different with power boats, consumption is usually 100 – 200 l per hour.

Anchoring is usually free of charge. Price of the buoys in bays may vary between 20 – 40 EUR/night depends of the destination. Marina fees are more expensive. Prices depend on the place client wants to visit (how popular and expensive it is), size of the vessel and charter period (peak season, post season... ). During sailing week clients stay minimum 2 or 3 nights in local ports/marinas. Reasons are facilities (water/elextricity power, showers/toilet), but also can be popular restaurant, ambience of the place etc...

In general, clients can expect weekly costs of marina/port fees in aproximate amount of 5-10% of the rental boat price.

Children on the boat

Can children sail? The answer is a big yes, but only if all the safety measures are satisfied.
Taking children on a sailing holiday can be a fantastic experience and an excellent opportunity for kids to learn something about the life on the sea, nature, biology, geography and about other countries. They will learn new things while enjoying themselves. Children are curious, sometimes can be reckless, so you need to implement some safety features for your kid to safely examine the yacht.
Also they can get easily bored so make sailing distances short and try to chop up your route by stopping on a beach to run around and play . They need to get entertained so it is good to take plenty of things that make your kid busy - toys, snorkelling equipment etc.

When it comes to safety, physical safety is the main priority with children aboard. One of the most important tips is the installation of a safety net. Safety rules must be strictly followed, especially when younger children are involved. All children must wear a life jacket when on deck, no child goes on the foredeck when sailing, and if the weather gets too rough, children must go down below. However, besides all these safety measures, the best one is parental supervision.
One of the most crucial sailing tips for sailing with children is the installation of a safety net.
A safety net is a net that is advisable to be hung onto the boat's railing especially when sailing with small children and animals. It is meant to stop toys, pieces of equipment, animals and children from falling overboard.
In the end, enjoy in holiday with your family, in this new children (and your) experiences. Let kids to be kids - let them run around the boat freely and let them have fun, but never forgetting their safety.