About Croatia

About Croatia

Croatia is a small but diverse country located at the point where Pannonian plain, Adriatic Sea and mountain range of Dinarides intercept. Its long and exciting history left a rich heritage that attracts millions of visitors every year. The beauty of preserved nature, clean sea and thousands of islands is wide known, and fine wining and dining is just a small part of what Croatia has to offer.

Find your piece of Adriatic, explore and enjoy the intact nature, so rare in todays world, have fun and relax…

You'll find all this and much, much more in Croatia.


Croatia - A favourite Charter destination

Croatian coastline consists of more than 1500 islands, islets and reefs, as well as numerous inlets and bays; clean sea, pleasant temperatures, favourable winds and preserved, beautiful nature are trademarks of Croatian Adriatic.

Sailing along the Croatian coastline is a unique experience for every yachtsman and sea lover. Warm weather and spectacular scenery will follow you on your journey, all the way from Porec to Dubrovnik. Still, every region is unique in history, culture, tradition and geographical features.
As a "land of thousands of islands", Croatia is a great challenge for sailors, to test and show their skills.

Still, you don't need to have great yachting experience to sail Adriatic. Beginners can use the services of experienced captains, skippers and sailors, and due to short distances between the islands you'll never get stuck alone in the open sea. Regardless whether you're navigating a sailboat or a motor yacht, you'll easily recognize and use all advantages of the boat. And if you are looking for a complete comfort and relaxation, there are many luxury yachts for you to choose from.

Whatever your preferences are, in Croatia you won't have any trouble finding everything you need for a perfect, carefree holiday – from a suitable boat and quality service marinas to rich tourist offer that combines culture, history, entertainment and gastronomy.


Laws & regulations on Sailing in Croatia

According to Croatian law, at least one person on the vessel must posess valid nautical and VHF licences. So, if you don't want to hire a skipper, in order to charter a boat, you must have valid licenses in addition to sailing experience.


Navigational and VHF licences in Croatia are issued by Port Authorities, and if you licence is issued in a foreign country, please check wheter it's valid for Craotian territorial waters. To obtain the licence, one must take classes and pass exam that include theoretical and practical elements.


If you want to charter bareboat, you must send us copies of your licences in advance to confirm the booking. In case there is something wrong with your papers, we'll inform you on time.


You must have the originals with you on board so don't forget to take them. Croatian laws are very strict on this issues and it is impossible to charter a boat without all necessary papers.


In addition to navigational and VHF licence, you must also have a certified crew list on board. We will get this document for you when you deliver us all needed information and give it to you when checking in. you must have this paper on board and crew must always be in accordance to it.


In case some changes in the crew occure during the sail, you must notifiy us immediately and get a new list.


If you want to try fishing or some recreative sports diving, you'll need special permits. In order to be allowed to sports dive you must be a member of the Croatian Diving Asocciation. The membership is valid for one year, and you must be an experienced diver to join. On the fround of National Parks Mljet and Kornati Islands, you'll also need special diving permits. Sports and underwater fishing also regure special permits. It is posible to get them in Croatia.


Our partners in Croatia

Croatia is a live and vivid sailing area with many companies, indviduals and sailing enthusiasts involved in different types of activities connected with yacht charter and sailing.

Croatiachaters.net is a croatia charters network which encompasses all of the most important charter fleet operator companies as well as it provides all important information for sailing and navigation in Croatia.

Danielis Yachting is a very friendly bunch, composed by hand picked individuals and proffesionals specialized in yacht charter croatia and organization of sailing events and sailing team buildings in Croatia.

Also, a very nice and unique web site catamaran charter Croatia which offers all catamarans in Croatia, www.catamaran-croatia.com, very user friendly, up-to-date and always has something available.