Info for foreign visitors


Power supply 220V, frequency: 50Hz

Time zone GMT plus 1 hour in winter and plus 2 hours in summer.
Travel documentation A valid passport or some other internationally recognised documents; citizens of certain countries can enter Croatia with an ID card which proves their identity and citizenship. For more information visit (Ministry of Foreign affairs and European Integration).
Custom duties Custom duties are in accordance with the EU standards, but it is possible to bring in the country only 300 HRK value of items for non-commercial, personal use without paying taxes and VAT.

It is allowed to bring into the country up to 1 kg of honey and milk or meat products without special veterinary inspection, and 5 litres of wine.

More valuable professional and technical equipment must be declared at the border. A non-resident can freely bring in and take out cheques in HRK.

Refund of tax when leaving the country is made to foreign nationals for individual goods purchased in Croatia for amounts in excess of 500 HRK, on presentation of a "Tax-cheque" form. This form is provided on request by a sales assistant, when items are purchased.

Medical service Foreign tourists don't pay for medical services if their home country has a social security agreement with Croatia. In this case, foreign citizens must have a confirmation, proving their right to health care.

Citizens of other countries must pay for medical services themselves.

Holidays in Croatia
  • January 1st - New Year's Day
  • January 6th - Epiphany
  • Easter and Easter Monday
  • May 1st – Labour Day
  • Corpus Christi
  • June 22nd - Anti-Fascist Resistance Day
  • June 25th - Statehood Day
  • August 5th - Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day
  • August 15th - Assumption Day
  • October 8th - Independence Day
  • November 1st - All Saints' Day
  • December 25th and 26th – Christmas Holidays

Power supply Don't throw out lit or flammable items!

Obey the "No fire" signs!

Make sure that your parked vehicle isn't blocking fire entrances and access roads!

Emergency situations 112 is the number or Croatian emergency centre. Dial 112 in case you find yourself in any kind of dangerous situations and need:

Or if you see:

Search and Rescue In case of accident at sea you can call 112 for help or dial 9155 (National Centre for Search and Rescue at Sea).

Important telephone numbers