Sailing school


Fortuna Yachtng sailing school program is designed for people who have decided to independently navigate the vessel in a private or business purposes. The aim of this course is to provide practical and theoretical training and as well as preparation for the working Boat leader license category “A“, “B“ an “C” (internationally recognized license isued by Ministry of maritime affairs, transport and infrastructure, Republic of Croatia).


The theoretical and practical lessons will enable the attendant to understand and learn what means to be a skipper, main obligations and responsibilities and what kind of knowledge is expected. From the first day, the complete organization on the boat, as well as everyday duties on-board, cleaning, cooking, etc are determined. The main aspect of the training will include the following skills; getting familiar with all parts of the boat, maneuvering the boat, sailing in and sailing out-docking, use of the anchor, handling the boat instrument, terestric navigation theory, reading of nautical maps, daily and night navigation through the sailing, learning about the sailing laws, basic of meteorology, working with sails and ropes, basic of marine engines, safety on boat, man overboard and all other issues related to check in and check out the boat in the charter and other.




ACCOMMODATION: During all seven days the attendees will be situated on the boat - 7 overnight stays.



  •    March, April, October, November: € 485,00 / per person
  •    May, September: € 589,00 / per person
  •    July, August: € 689,00 / per person



Basic manoevers skills:

  •    Lending to buoy
  •    Taking a mooring
  •    Leaving a mooring
  •    Side lending to peer
  •    Anchoring


Sailing skills:

  •    Sail plan and general preparation
  •    Sail trim
  •    Knots
  •    Night navigation/sailing exercise
  •    Gennaker
  •    Basic regatta sailing


Navigation skills:

  •    Chart work
  •    Course to steer
  •    Night exercise, locating until marks
  •    Knowledge of weather and interpreting forecasts/meteorology


Basic safety:

  •   Safety checks / briefings
  •   MOB-Man overboard drills under power and sails



** Detail daily - program on your request