Since ancient times, unity of spirit has characterised the sea and fearless sailors, and our team building programme offers co-existence with colleagues and with nature. So Croatia sailing, Croatia cruise or charter yacht Croatia are perfect choice for building the team spirit of your work environment. Not only will you have an opportunity to prepare your team for new business challenges, but you will become part of a recognised sailing and maritime tradition. Exchange your work space for a beautiful yacht or gulet and the crystal clear Adriatic. Transform your demanding business conversations into more pleasant ones through socialising and the challenges offered by the sea.


Depending on the goals you have set for your team, we offer two options:

1. Croatia sailing is a more active and physically demanding type of team building, with plenty of real challenges.

2. On the other hand, if you choose Croatia cruise, leaving the sailing responsibilities to the crew, you can dedicate time to yourself, your team and the goals you have set.


In addition to the daily tasks on the boat, enjoyable themed evening gatherings are organized, so you can try, for example, to prepare delicacies, karaoke singing, dancing etc - these are the contents that enable team cohesion.